• To facilitate meritorious students from far off places and heterogeneous back-ground to devote adequate time to their studies and development without worrying about their fooding and lodging.
• To facilitate students’ interaction among themselves, learn about the culture and diversity of India and became a good citizen firmly believing in the unity and diversity of India

Office of Dean Students Welfare

Main objectives:

  1. The office of Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) shall look after the general welfare of the students outside the classroom which contribute to the growth and development of their personality.
  2. The DSW shall endeavour to promote understanding among the students of fuller realization of their objects through fruitful intellectual, social, cultural and corporate life in the University.
  3. The DSW shall assist the Vice-Chancellor in all matters affecting, students generally and shall exercise such powers and perform such other duties as assigned to the DSW by the Vice Chancellor.



  1. To arrange all the facilities for hostel accommodation including administrative decision for fooding, lodging in hostel, educational tours, excursions and participation in sports activities outside the University.
  2. To arrange for maintenance of students’ discipline in the University.
  3. To Organize all the social and cultural activities with student participation.
  4. To organize student council in the University and their functioning.
  5. To keep in touch with the guardians when required.
  • Name : Prof. (Dr.) Ratnesh Vishvaksen
  • Dean, Student's Welfare
  • Designation : Professor
  • Name : Dr. Anurag Linda
  • Associate Dean, Student's Welfare
  • Designation : Associate Professor
  • Email ID :
  • Profile : Dr. Anurag Linda
  • Name : Dr. Ram Kishore Singh
  • Associate Dean, Student's Welfare
  • Designation : Assistant Professor
Boys Hostel, Brambe
SI No Name Designation Email id / Contact No
1 Dr. Mahendra Singh, Assistant Professor, DBA Administrative Warden
2 Dr.Sachin Kumar, Assistant Professor, DEE Warden
3 Dr. Sudarshan Yadav, Assistant Professor, DMC Warden
4 Dr. Bhupendra Singh, Assistant Professor,DoP Warden
Boys Hostel, Cheri-Manatu
SI No Name Designation Email id / Contact No
1 Mr. Rachit Kumar , Assistant Professor, DES Administrative Warden
2 Dr. Konchok Tashi, Assistant Professor, DFEL Warden
3 Dr. Subhash Kumar Baitha, Assistant Professor, DPIR Warden
Girls Hostel, Cheri-Manatu
SI No Name Designation Email id/ Contact No
1 Dr. Seema Mamta Minz, Assistant Professor, DTS Administrative Warden,

2 Dr. Arpita Panda, DoGeog. Warden
3 Dr. Pragya Shukla, DES Warden
Girls Hostel, Brambe
SI No Name Designation Email id/ Contact No
1 Dr. Nirmali Bordoloi ,Assistant Professor, DEVS Administrative Warden
2 Dr. Shikha Chaurasiya, Assistant Professor, DWEM Warden
3 Dr. Manvi Yadav , Assistant Professor, DoE Warden
4 Dr. Sanhita Sucharita, Assistant Professor, DBA Warden
Rules for hostel allotment, stay and cancellation
  1. Application for admission to the Hostel shall be made in the prescribed form.
  2. The Hostel Application Form shall be downloaded from the University website ()
  3. Incomplete hostel form or absence of supporting document shall automatically cancel the candidature of hostel residency.
  4. No student shall be allowed to stay in the Hostel without admission.
  5. The student must abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel.
  6. All charges/ expenses prescribed in the application form or any other document(s) are subject to change.
  7. All students who wish to avail the hostel facility should pay in advance all dues, including University and Mess. The counterfoil of the fee receipt(s) should be submitted to the Warden prior to occupying the Hostel room/seat. Those senior students who wish to continue to stay in the Hostel in the next semester should submit their fees within 15 days of starting of the semester, failing which he/she shall forfeit the Hostel seat.
  8. No Student shall be permitted to stay in the Hostel during the summer vacation and they shall vacate the Hostel within 72 hours after the conclusion of end semester examinations.
  9. Students who fail to clear all exams (papers of the program in which they were admitted) in their previous year (both even and odd semester or as the name may be) and or fails to have at least 75% attendance both in academic and University recognized extracurricular activities (sports, music etc.) shall forfeit his/her seat during hostel re-allotment process.
  10. The hostellers shall vacate their room and deposit the room keys to the Warden office during summer vacation. All belongings can be locked and stored in a common room/ room allotted for the purpose during summer vacations.
  11. The result of any semester/ course shall be withheld by the University Administration if there is any due against the student or pending decision for violation of any of the Hostel rules. The Hostel Administration shall bring such cases to the knowledge of the Controller of Examination for necessary action.
Room Allotment
  1. Total number seats available in hostel will be based on pre-defined program wise quota which will a fixed percentage of total intake capacity in program. The quota shall be approved by the DSW. The quota for male and female student shall be separate. Reservation rules of GOI Shall be followed for the allotment of the seats.
  2. Two department/ programs may have a mutual agreement for exchange of quota among themselves, this should be done in written form and submitted to the office of DSW.
  3. No resident of Ranchi District shall be allotted a seat in hostel.
  4. Allotment of seats (only for newly admitted students) shall be based on merit and condition as mentioned above.
  5. Allotment of room is not by one’s own choice. The basis of allotment shall be at the sole discretion of the Administration.
  6. Allotment is done on a single/double/triple occupancy basis depending upon the availability of seats.
  7. Students must occupy rooms allotted to them and should not interchange without the prior permission of the concerned Warden.
  8. The wardens without assigning any reason, may relocate/ shift a hosteller from one room to another or from one Hostel to another.
Cancellation of Hostel:

The hostels shall be immediately cancelled if residents are found to be involved in

  1. self-cooking in room, not being a member of university mess
  2. not paying the hostel and/or mess fee
  3. ragging
  4. illegal guest stay
  5. any indiscipline
  6. disturbing others study
  7. intoxication
  8. moral turpitude
  9. violence and violent tendencies
  10. keeping room and surrounding unclean
  11. Any other condition which may be found to be harmful for others residing in hostel or university campus
Behavior and Discipline:
  1. Students are expected to display acceptable form of behavior, maintain discipline, decency and decorum in the Hostel complex.
  2. CUJ is a nonsmoking zone. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus especially Hostel complex at any time.
  3. Possession, distribution and consumption of alcoholic drinks, chewable tobacco and use of narcotic and prohibited drugs in the University/ Hostel premises are strictly prohibited. Neither the students nor their visitors are allowed to bring or consume liquor, drugs or any other intoxicants in the University/ Hostel premises. Disciplinary action shall be taken against those in possession of drugs or found under their influence.
  4. Parties, social or political gatherings in the University/ Hostel complex are not permitted without the prior and written consent of the Hostel Warden/ University Administration.
  5. In the room, students are not permitted to keep crackers, dangerous weapons, firearm, contraband items, instruments or any materials that can cause injury in any way to anybody.
  6. In case of any unacceptable behavior by the room-mate(s), the other room-mate(s)/ Hostel representative must immediately inform the respective Warden.
  7. All hostellers should be back in their Hostel as per respective Hostel norms.
  8. The warden may grant permission for late entry to Hostel only on a written request.
  9. A hosteller who stays outside for any duration without the written permission of the Warden may forfeit his/her hostel seat.
  10. The warden may grant permission for overnight outside stay on a written request from the parents/ local guardian of the hostellers. The letter of permission shall mention the date and time of return to the hostel.
  11. Sound from musical instruments / TV/ radio etc should not disturb other hosteller(s) at any time. Use of mobile or any other gadgets should not disturb other hosteller(s).
Staffs of Dean Student's Welfare Office
SI No Name Designation Contact No. Email id
1 Shri Gaurav Laboratory Assistant 9308596475
2 Shri Ashok Kumar Lahery LDC (G&H) 9470172487
3 Shri Ajay Oraon Kitchen Attendant 6204541914