1. To create highly knowledgeable, skilled and humane teachers/teacher educators, researchers, educational administrators and other educationalists who can be the source of reformation, change and development in this present century
  2. To provide mentoring and support facilities to the different personnel at school, college, university and other institution level for upgradation of their professional/working competencies, skills and values especially relating to teaching learning and the related matters.  
  3. To create a group of properly trained personnel in the field of education/teacher education who can guide for bringing substantial change in education/teacher education system of the region, nation and the beyond.
  4. To establish the department as a world class center for teaching-learning, research, consultancy, collaborative activities and ultimately the center for knowledge creation and dissemination through adhering innovations in policies and practices.

Thrust Areas

  1. Teacher Education
  2. School Education
  3. Curriculum Studies and Development
  4. Teaching Learning/Pedagogy
  5. Evaluation and Assessment in Education
  6. Distance and Online Education
  7. Information and Communication Technology and Education
  8. Educational Leadership and Management
  9. Inclusive Education and Development
  10. Education based on Indian Knowledge Tradition
  11. Tribal Knowledge Traditions and Education


  1. Offering the need based and currently demanded programmes in different domains of education starting from teacher education to liberal education having interdisciplinary flavours.
  2. Providing high standard in-service education/training to both the inhouse and out house participants through organization of need-based workshop, training programme, seminars, symposiums, conferences and other extension activities.
  3. Providing adequate academic, research and administrative mentoring/support/consultancy to the institutions that seek for it.
  4. Creating better network of collaboration in teaching, research, and other related developmental measures with local level, national level and international level institutions/agencies.
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