Court of the Central University of Jharkhand
SL. No
Name of the Member
Chancellor, Chairman Prof. Jai Prakash Lal
Vice-Chancellor, Member (ex-officio) Prof. Kshiti Bhusan Das
Pro-Vice Chancellor, if any, Member (ex-officio)< --
Deans, School of Studies, Member (ex-officio)
  1. Dean, School of Mass Comm. & Media Technology
  2. Dean, School of Management Sciences
  3. Dean, School of Natural Sciences
  4. Dean, School of Languages
  5. Dean, School of Engineering and Technology
  6. Dean, School for the Study of Culture
  7. Dean, School of Natural Resource Management
  8. Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  9. Dean, School of Education
Dean, Student's Welfare, Member (ex-officio) Prof. Ratnesh Vishvaksen
Chief Proctor, Member (ex-officio) Dr. Mayank Ranjan
Three persons who are men/women of standing in public life or have special knowledge or practical experience in education or have rendered eminent services in the cause of education to be nominated by the Visitor, Members To be nominated by the Visitor (Nomination is awaited from the Visitor)
One representative of Civil Society (NGO/ industry/ Legal Fraternity/ Eminent Citizens) to be nominated by the Executive Council, Member Shri Ashok Bhagat, Founder Secretary of Vikas Bharti, Bishunpur

Two persons of distinction in academic and public life, to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor, Members

  1. Prof. A P Das, former Vice Chancellor, CU Tamil Nadu
  2. Dr. Ravindra Kanhare, Admission Fees Regulatory Commission, MP
Two Professors who are not Deans, by rotation in order of seniority, Members
  1. Prof. Sarang Madhekar, Professor, Dept. of Physics
  2. Prof. Sanjoy Kumar Samdarshi, Professor, Dept. of Energy Engineering
Two Associate Professors who are not Deans, by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by the Vice Chancellor, Members
  1. Dr. R N Sarma, Asso. Prof., Dept. of Anthropology and Tribal Studies
  2. Dr. Bateshwar Singh, Asso. Prof., DC&FS
Two Assistant Professors, by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, Members
  1. Dr. Soumen Dey, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Chemistry
  2. Dr. Prgyan Pushpanjali, Asst. Prof. DBA
One Representative of Alumni Association to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of Alumni Association, Member --
Three members to be elected one each from / among teachers, employees and students according to the procedure that may prescribed by the Ordinances, Members


Registrar, ex-officio Member Secretary Shri K Kosala Rao, Registrar