Central University of Jharkhand Celebrates Environment Day with Enthusiasm and Action

The Department of Environmental Sciences at the Central University of Jharkhand (CUJ) celebrated World Environment Day on June 5, 2024, with fervor and dedication under the esteemed patronage of Prof. Kshiti Bhushan Das, the Vice-Chancellor. The event aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation and promote sustainable practices within the university and beyond.

The celebration commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. Bhaskar Singh, the Head of the Department of Environmental Sciences. After this Prof. Kshiti Bhushan Das, in his address, commended the department for its relentless efforts in organizing such significant events. He emphasized the importance of setting an example of a clean environment through initiatives like plantation drives, cleanliness drives, and advocacy campaigns. He also emphasized that the conservation of environment is everyone's responsibility and every person should take part in it.

The highlight of the program was a special lecture delivered by Mr. Atul Beck, an expert from the Central Ground Water Board, Ranchi. His insights provided valuable perspectives on groundwater conservation and management, crucial for sustainable development.

Following the enlightening lecture, a poignant moment of reflection came with the screening of a documentary highlighting the environmental contributions of Padma Shri Chami Murmu, inspiring attendees with her dedication and commitment to conservation. After this, Demonstrating their creativity and passion, students of the Department of Environmental Sciences staged a thought-provoking skit, emphasizing the indispensable role of trees and plants in maintaining ecological balance.

The highlight of the event was the plantation drive, where students, faculty, and distinguished guests came together to plant saplings, symbolizing their collective commitment to greening initiatives. Notably, the plantation drive received substantial support from L&T Construction, who pledged to plant 10,000 trees within the CUJ campus in phases, reinforcing the importance of public-private partnerships in environmental conservation.

In addition to the plantation drive, over 50 participants, including students, faculty members, and administrative staff, enthusiastically joined a cleanliness drive, reaffirming their commitment to maintaining a clean and hygienic campus environment.

The festivities concluded with a spirited bicycle rally, with participants pedaling from the CUJ campus to Manatu village, spreading awareness about the importance of a clean and sustainable environment.

The Environment Day celebration at CUJ served as a testament to the university's dedication to environmental stewardship and its resolve to inspire positive change in society.