“Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place” - Martha Graham Theater and drama is an art from that has been going on for centuries all around the world. It is one of the most ‘human’ art forms where with your acting and script one can make change around oneself.

A Skit performance was organized in the Department of Education, Central University of Jharkhand on 18th July 2022. Students of 2nd Semester (B.Ed.) performed skits on various themes as the part of Field Based Activity in the paper of Drama and Arts in Education. 10 groups performed various skits like Nukkas Natak, Mine etc, all giving wonderful messages to the society in general . Here’s a summary of the skit performed:

Group 1

Theme : Inclusive Education
Props/Costume/Special Effects: Tribal painting, Gifts and Certificates, Books and files. Uniforms and red hair ribbon representing tribal children. For special effect, tribal song in kandha language was sung.
Message : Through this skit the performers wanted to explain the terms ‘inclusion’ in education and ‘marginalization’ and as teacher to be our aim must be in building an inclusive society that empowers marginalized groups.

Group 2

Theme : Individual Differences
Props : School Bags
Message : Students coming from different backgrounds having individual differences often face a lot of problems in educational institutions and get distracted. Despite of these problems a little hardwork and dedication can direct them in right path.

Group 3

Name : ‘Kaash ki aisa Hota’
Theme : Education system of India
Props : Stethoscope, Report Card
Costume : White and black dresses
Message : Children should not be forced to go with their parents’ choices rather they should be given opportunity to choose their career according to their own choice.

Group 4

Name : Precarious Virtual World
Theme : Cybercrime and online safety
Costume : Blue dresses, mobile and laptops.
Message : Stay safe from cybercrime and internet fraud.

Group 5

Name : Let’s redefine pretty
Theme : Body Shaming
Props : Mirror
Special Effect : Background music
Message : Every individual is unique and beautiful. This world is a better place because of variety and diversity in both nature and as human beings. So we acknowledge the beauty in everyone.

Group 6

Name : Lungs of the Earth
Theme : Deforestation
Costume : Black dresses, Acrylic paint on face and gloves
Message : Saving trees and painting new trees can save our world

Group 7

Name : Hindi Bimar Hai
Theme : Progressivist
Props : Umbrella
Costume : White and black dresses
Message : Hinid should be medium of communication in all over India

Group 8

Name : Its not the end yet
Theme : Positivity and Negativity of modern society
Costume : Main characters were in white dresses and passive in black.
Special Effect : Background music
Message : Showing both positive and negative side of modernized society on individuals and how in society social media, drug addiction, lust and greed,depression influencing human life.

Group 9

Theme : Waste Management
Costume : White and Black dresses
Message : To Spread awareness about cleanliness in our surroundings and keeping the earth clean and healthy.

Group 10

Theme : Save the victims of road accident
Props : Steel plate and spoon to give sound effect.
Costume : White and Black dresses.
Message : We should give priority to pedestrians and save the lives of the victims of road accidents instead of wasting time in making live videos and avoiding the victim in fear of getting into trouble.

The skit performance was attended by all our faculty members of the department and by the research scholars as well. The best part of the performance was that even while giving best of messages it included humor and fun, everybody’s participation and dedication and there was a range of themes performed. It was an immense pleasure to be a part of the performances as well as the audience. It was a great event. And , as Shakespeare quoted in ‘As you like it’, ‘If it be true that good wine needs no bush’, its true that a good play needs no epilogue.