Schools & Centres

The following Schools have been approved by the U.G.C./ M.H.R.D/ Visitor

  1. School of Management Sciences
  2. School of Mass Communication & Media Technologies
  3. School of Languages
  4. School of Natural Sciences
  5. School of Engineering & Technologies
  6. School of Cultural Studies
  7. School of Natural Resource Management
  8. School of Social Science & Humanities
  9. School of Education

The details of the Centres and courses are given below:

School Department
Management Sciences Business Administration
Mass Communication and Media Technology Mass Communication
Languages English Studies
Far East Languages (Chinese, Korean, Tibetan)
Natural Sciences Mathematics
Life Sciences
Computer Science and Technology
Engineering & Technologies Nanotechnology
Transport Science and Technology
Energy Engineering
Water Engineering & Management
Cultural Studies Tribal Studies
Performing Arts
Contemporary and Tribal Customary Law
Natural Resource Management Land Resource Management
Environmental Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences International Relations
Humanities & Social Sciences
Human Rights & Conflict Management
Education Education

Centre for Excellence Green and Efficient Energy Technology