Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Water Engineering and Management(Civil Engineering ) came into existence in July 2010 under the School of Natural Resource Management and was offering 5-year Integrated M.Tech and Ph.D program in Water Engineering and Management. The Department of Transport Science and Technology was merged with the Department of Water Engineering and Management in 2022 and named as Department of Civil Engineering under School of Engineering and Technology. Presently, the department is offering 5-year Integrated B.Tech and M.Tech with Civil Engineering with specialization in Water Resources Engineering/Transportation Engineering. Separate 2 years M.Tech and Ph.D program is also being offered in Water Resources Engineering/Transportation Engineering. There are 9 faculties with exceptional academic experience who are dedicated to produce world leaders in the field of Water Resources Engineering/Transportation Engineering. The Department is committed to the mission and goals of the University not only for Teaching and Research but also for preparing and developing the Regional, State and National level government to face the challenges in the field of water resources/transportation sector. We create an environment which promotes innovative growth of ideas, intensive interactions and co-operations at all level.


The department intends to impart quality education and skilled training for a better understanding of the complexity of water resources development and management, and transportation engineering issues at regional, national, and global levels. Students are trained to acquire knowledge and skills in tools and techniques to come up with viable and sustainable solutions within the framework of the integrated water resources management at the river basin scale. The department is looking into multi-disciplinary issues in the planning, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of irrigation projects and soil and water conservation programs. Transportation Engineering includes urban transport and transportation economics etc. The department is having the following common facilities for the students: Digital Classrooms with a sitting capacity of 60 each; Laboratories with instrumentations; Common digital platform for sharing official and academic information, seminar hall and common reading room; Computational Laboratory facilities with high-end Workstations, Desktops and computational software; Uninterrupted internet with Wi-Fi; Training and Placement; Career Guidance.The department has the following common Laboratories facilities for the students like Structural and M.O.S Lab, Building Material Lab, Concrete Lab, Surveying Lab, Geology Lab, Hydraulics & W.R.E. Lab, Soil Mechanics Lab, Environmental Engineering Laboratory Transportations

Head of the Department


Dr. Ajai Singh

Professor & Head
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Department of Civil Engineering
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