Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Department of Political Science & Public Administration (DPSPA)was established within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) in the year 2020. DPSPA started functioning with Two-Year MA Degree Program in Public Administration in the same year. Department is commencing “Five-Year Integrated BA-MA Degree Program” as per the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) from 2022. DPSPA endeavours to provide employment-oriented education and skill to students in its different programs. The Department is thus, unique and innovative in its focus and is committed to promote cutting edge research and teaching. The Course Curriculum for both the programs have been crafted to promote, conduct and disseminate interdisciplinary learning contemporary key areas, such asPolitical Theory, Indian Political Process, Constitutionalism, Democracy and Decentralisation of Power, Institutionalism, Public Policy, Governance, Human Rights, International Politics, and Gender are to name a few of the areas. The courses are an amalgamation of theories and applied knowledge and skill which are oriented to enhance the employability of students. With its strong interdisciplinary emphasis in the structure and design of its syllabus, the department envisioned to prepare youth as valuable asset, both for society and the nation. The Department within a very short span of its evolution has started attracting students from differentparts of the states and Union Territories, across the country.

Department also offers Doctoral Studies and Researchprogrammes both inPolitical Science and Public Administration.Different degree programs of the Department have been carefully designed to achieve maximizing of talents and impart the quality education that cater to the needs of the students in the contemporary competitive world as well as within young India.The teachers of the Department too are oriented towards imparting interdisciplinary knowledge and skill to prepare students with competitive edge, in the job market. DPSPA endeavour to further commence certificate, diploma, and degree programs which are socially and economically relevant to strengthen Indian polity and society. Department also aspires to contribute in its process of teaching-learning towards making the governance of the country increasingly better.

DPSPA is also focussed to integrate theory with practice, in its teaching-learning methodology. Department intent to do so both through the instrumentalities of research and knowledge dissemination. Department has set a target for itself to enhance the interface between knowledge creation and technology. The courses have been drafted and the teaching process has been geared-up to integrate the Western and Indian models of knowledge creation, knowledge building and knowledge dissemination in areas of politics, administration, thoughts, ideologies and emerging international order.

The Department has strong academic potentials in terms of faculty who are academically oriented, professionally committed, and highly motivated to research and deliver in the larger interests of preparing 21st century social capital. The Department has many outreach plans for future like to collaborate with institutions of national and international repute with proven expertise in different walks of knowledge creation and dissemination.

Head of the Department

Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta

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Associate Professor

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Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Central University of Jharkhand
Cheri Manatu ,Ranchi,Jharkhand - 835222
Faculty Details
Dr Alok Kumar Gupta Associate Professor
Dr Rajashree Padhi Assistant Professor
Dr Uttam Kumar Mandal, Assistant Professor (Temporary)
Dr.Niyati Choudhary Assistant Professor (Temporary)
Mr. Honey Raj, Assistant Professor (Temporary)