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Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics, established in 2022, stands as a beacon of analytical excellence. Rooted in modern methodologies, it cultivates a new generation of statisticians adept at decoding data's intricate narratives. With a commitment to precision and innovation, it paves the way for data-driven decision-making in diverse fields.
It has two classrooms equipped with modern audio visual aid for teaching and learning. Also one lab has been set up for catering the needs of students for practical knowledge of statistical softwares.

  • * To foster a culture of statistical excellence and analytical acumen, the Department of Statistics at Central University of Jharkhand envisions empowering individuals to become adept practitioners and innovators in the field of Statistics.
  • * Through rigorous academic pursuits, collaborative research endeavors, and innovative teaching methodologies, we aim to cultivate a community of statisticians who can contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and betterment of the society.

The Department of Statistics is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for positive transformation within the realm of statistical education and research. Our mission is to foster a vibrant knowledge community characterized by multi-disciplinary learning and a commitment to excellence. By instilling strong character, nurturing transparent work ethics, and promoting creative and critical thinking among our students and faculty, we aim to cultivate statisticians who are equipped to contribute meaningfully to the holistic development and self-sufficiency of fellow citizens. Through a harmonious blend of teaching, research, and innovation in both theoretical and applied statistics, our department seeks to advance knowledge, address societal challenges, and empower individuals to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Head of the Department


Dr. Kunja Bihari Panda

  +91 9999999999

Office Address

Department of Statistics
 Central University of Jharkhand
Cheri-Manatu, Ranchi - 835222, Jharkhand, India.
 +91 9999999999