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Department of Economics and Development Studies

The vision of the Department of Economics and Development Studies consists of exploring the economic study and analysis, policy framing and implementation issues faced by the Indian economy along with the analysis of other economies in the world. The department thrives to reach standards of excellence in teaching, research, and consultancy. The Department recognizes the growing demand for trained manpower in industry, government, research, and other sectors as well as nurturing future researchers and specialists in economics. We try to meet this demand in a committed manner.

  • To educate graduates in the fields of economics and provide a wide variety of high quality academic programmes, apart from the economic analysis, which pay attention to the wider societal dimensions of economic life.
  • To deliver highly employable students with strong analytical skills, creative intelligence, entrepreneurial and organizational skills needed for solving complex business, management, policy and organizational problems in a global and frequently changing environment.
  • To create a collaborative teaching, learning and research environment that emphasizes social responsibility, ethical decision-making and a global perspective.
Programme Objective:
  • To develop the potential among students for higher education, research and career placement.
  • To train students with skills and knowledge in the use of economics theory and practice.
Programme outcome

This course will create a platform for students to showcase their analytical and applied skills in various policy draft making of the government and also help corporate organisation to guide their investment portfolios and also make them eligible to provide significant inputs to development organisation and NGOs.The students aspiring to join the Department have career prospects in different dominant job markets. They have option of going for Ph.D. to become an Assistant Professor within institutions of learning, or other educational institutions. They may also join as researcher in policy making institutes or can be a part think tank can join Niti Aayog, various Ministry, Research Institutes etc. The students aspiring for competitive examinations could become civil servants, Indian Economic Services, RBI group B officer, Assistant Statistical officer, Economist at various Banks and community servants. The subject also helps the students to get Job at Corporates as Quantitative analysist, Consultant, Market Analyst, Economic Analyst, Personal Financial Advisor, Actuary Professional etc. Learning also provides opportunities to students in non-governmental and international organizations.

Head of the Department


Dr. Asis Kumar Senapati

  +91 9999999999

Office Address

Department of Economics and Development Studies
 Central University of Jharkhand
Cheri-Manatu, Ranchi - 835222, Jharkhand, India.
 +91 9999999999