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Department of Environmental Sciences

The Department of Environmental Sciences came into being in the year 2012 and its first academic programme began in the session 2012-13. Ever since its inception, the Department has emerged as a major centre for teaching, learning and research in the field of Environmental Sciences. The Department offers Integrated B.Sc. as per NEP-2020, M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in ‘Environmental Sciences’.


The Department of Environmental Sciences is based on inter- disciplinary approach for producing trained manpower to cater the need of society in teaching, research, Industries, NGOs and Environmental Management to achieve SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS


  • Diversified interest in various earth, atmospheric and biological processes to understand the linkage between ecological and social processes to attain a more sustainable environment.
  • To understand the complex interactions between different components of the environment to determine its impacts on livelihood security, climate change mitigation and adaptation through green technologies and associated ecosystem services in the immediate and long-term perspectives.
  • Our approach is to underpin our research with a strong theoretical framework by leading edge experimentation and extension program which will help in facilitate the new generation of students to resolve the real-world problems through application based research.
  • Area of Research

  • Meteorology
  • Agricultural green house gas mitigation
  • Green Fuels
  • Bio remediation
  • Ecology
  • Glaciology
  • Microbiology
  • Facilities:

  • (Common facilities) The Department of Environmental Sciences is located in the Brambe campus of Central University of Jharkhand. It is equipped with various resources and facilities that are conducive to growth and learning of their students. The department has classrooms and laboratories equipped with the required facilities and laboratory instruments. The faculty members and students can avail internet facilities (wi-fi) centrally available in the whole campus.
  • (Special facilities)The Department of Environmental Sciences caters to students of diverse backgrounds under different programmes. The Department of Environmental Sciences frequently conducts events such as seminar, workshops and talks from the reputed speakers. The students and scholars of the departments are also given the opportunity to be involved in participation and organization of the event. The Department has a mentor-mentee' scheme that is implemented by distributing the students between the teachers equally and has been mentoring the students regularly for their holistic development. The students are also taken to various industries/national parks in the field visit where they get the opportunity to learn and understand the subject.
  • Career perspective and employability chances:

  • A degree in Environmental Sciences helps an individual develop empathy and knowledge of diverse issues pertaining to the subject. It enhances their critical thinking abilities and gives them the confidence to pursue careers in different areas. They can make their mark as scientist, teacher, etc. in various domains. Every year several students qualify national exams such as UGC & CSIR NET. Many have joined prestigious institutes and Universities (JNU, IITs, CSIR, NASA etc.) across the country as research scholars. Few are pursuing their higher studies in foreign universities as well.
  • Head Of Department


    Dr. Bhaskar Singh

    Associate Professor

    Office Address

    Department of Environmental Sciences
     Central University of Jharkhand
    Cheri-Mantu, P.O. Kamre, P.S.Kanke Dist. Ranchi, Jharkhand, INDIA 835222