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Department of Mathematics (DoM)

The department was established in the year 2009. The Department offers Integrated M.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Mathematics.


To advance the logical, analytical thinking and development of scientific practice with applications among the students so that they can flourish themselves in areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Computer Science, Scientific Computing, Statistical Methods, Information Technology and Actuarial Science etc. To produce Mathematics scholars for managements and operational research studies also for large corporations and leading manufacturing enterprises. The department also committed to produce most brilliant brains in academics.

Area of Research:

Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, and Cryptography, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Functional Analysis, Optimization Theory, Differential Equations/ Applied Mathematics /Astrophysics.


Head of the Department


Dr. P.K.Parida

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Assistant Professor(Ph.D)
 +91-9835688811, 8000909216

Office Address

Department of Mathematics
Central University of Jharkhand
 +91-9835688811, 8000909216
Board of Studies

Board of Studies(BOS) of the department is constituted with the following members :

Name Designation Position
Prof. A.K.Padhy Dean, SNS Chairman
Prof. S.D. Adhikari Prof.& Head, DoM RKMVERI External Member
Prof. D.K. Gupta DoM, IIT Kharagpur External Member
Prof. D.N. Garain Head, DoM, S.K.M. University Dumka External Member
Prof. Manoj Kumar Head EVS  
Prof. Subhash Chandra Yadav

Prof.& Head, DCST

Dr. V.K. Agotiya Assistant Prof. DoP      Member
Dr. Mahendra Singh Assistant  Prof. DBA   Member
Dr. Hrishikesh Mahato Assistant Prof. DoM Member
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Assistant Prof. DoM Member
Dr. P.K. Parida Assistant Prof. DoM Invited Member