Vice-Chancellor(Acting), Central University of Jharkhand


Prof. R. K. Dey

    Present Position: Professor, Department of Chemistry, Central University of Jharkhand (CUJ), Brambe, Ranchi – 835 205, Jharkhand (INDIA)

    E-mail :

    Education: Ph.D. (Chemistry)

      Polymer (Synthesis and applications of ion-exchange and chelating Polymers, Biomedical Polymers), Aquatic Chemistry (related to environmental pollution with toxic/heavy metal ions, removal of toxic elements from aquatic system, metal complexation phenomena in aquatic systems), Development of biodegradable polymeric materials, Silica base mesoporous materials, nano-materials for catalytic application.
      Postdoctoral Fellow, at Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, INDIA.
      The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Chemistry, State University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL.
      Indian National Science Academy (INSA) visiting Fellow at Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, INDIA.
      Visiting Researcher, at various foreign universities.
      Teaching at Postgraduate and undergraduate level in various disciplines of Applied Chemistry (Aquatic Chemistry, Fuel Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Polymers)
      Teaching at Postgraduate level (M.Sc.(Chemistry/Applied Chemistry); M.Tech (Env Sci & Engg); M.Sc.(Biomedical Science): Physical Chemistry, Polymeric Biomaterials, Characterization of Polymers, Aquatic Chemistry.
      Guiding research projects (Government (UGC, DST) as well as Institute funded projects) of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
      Ph.D. student guidance in following topics of research: (a) Design of new hybrid materials for applications in removal of toxic/heavy metals from aquatic system. Evaluation of thermodynamics of adsorption processes. (b) Design and application of polymeric biomaterials as blood compatible material, carrier materials for controlled drug release applications. (c) New catalyst design and applications
    4. PUBLICATIONS in Peer-reviewed journals
      Talanta, J.Appl. Polym.Sci, Biomaterials, Chemical Engg. J., J.Haz.Mater., Analytical Sci., J. Material Chem. A, etc.
    5. Reviewer of
      Wiley, Elsevier, American Chem. Society Journals, RSC journals, Taylor Francis Journal
    6. List of few selected papers Published in Peer-reviewed Journals
      Dey, R. K., Jha Usha, Patnaik Tanushree, Singh A. C., Singh V. K. (2009): Removal of toxic/heavy metal ions using ion-imprinted aminofunctionalized silica gel, Separation Sci. Technology, 44, 1829 – 1850.
      Swain, S. K., Dey, R. K., Islam, M., Patel, R. K., Jha, Usha, Patnaik T., Airoldi C (2009): Removal of fluoride from aqueous solution using aluminium-impregnated chitosan biopolymer, Separation Sci. Technology, 44, 2096 - 2116.
      Dey R .K., Oliveira, A. S., Patnaik T., Singh, V. K., Tiwary, D., Airoldi, C., (2009): Grafting of Organosilane Derived from 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane and Thiourea onto Magnesium Phyllosilicate by Sol-Gel Process and Investigation of Metal Adsorption Properties, J. Solid State Chemistry, 182, 2010 – 2017.
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