Hon'ble Vice Chancellor's Message


Welcome to Central University of Jharkhand (CUJ). You begin the next step of your academic career, and the entire University is here to support you, both personally and professionally. CUJ, being an academic institution, provide students with educational programmes and social activities, consistent with University vision.

The University values holistic learning and integrated effort in transforming students as well as faculty members into leaders in their respective field of interest with an inclusive growth.

CUJ is equipped with qualified, experienced faculty members, officers and non-teaching staffs who work with dedication and commitment. Students across the country get an opportunity to study here in a culturally diversified academic environment.

The University runs various interdisciplinary programmes in Humanities/ Social Sciences, Sciences, Education and Engineering branches in Choice Based Credit System and recently restructured to accommodate NEP model in it’s curriculum for larger benefit of students. The departments have organized large number of National and International conferences/ seminars. The University is equipped with digital library system and conduct various student outreach programmes. The Incubation Centre and Placement Cells are functioning with active students and faculty members’ participation. The University establishes various Centre of Excellence, catering to the need of research in Science and Engineering and Social Science subjects. The research output of our students is very good in term of publications, international journal of repute and Ph.D. degree awarded.

Being new, the University envisioned to embrace the newly developed areas of studies and few Departments like Transport Science and Engineering and Centre for Endangered Languages, Tribal and Customary Law, Energy Engineering, Nanotechnology, Water Engineering and Management have been established to offer lots of opportunities to budding talents to choose a range of subjects comprising of Social Sciences and Humanities in addition to Science and Engineering subjects.

The infrastructure development of University in its Cheri-Manatu campus is progressing which can facilitate new age teaching and learning using ICT. Active participation of students and faculty members in UGC-MOOCs offer an integrated learning environment with participatory teaching. Regular sports and cultural activities of the University always keeps momentum in a high spirit.

MoU with various National and International organizations provide the students as well as faculties with new state of art laboratory facilities for conducting research activities.

Recent pandemic situation offers new challenges to University students and employees to adopt alternative technologies to equip themselves with new skills and knowledge. In addition, it taught humanitarian approach to overcome the situation with knowledge and management skill. The University promotes equity and equality with service to society.

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us in creating an excellent institution of learning that would enable students and scholars to pursue excellence in their field of choice with an open and free sense of inquiry and with passion for sustainable learning, personal growth to achieve life goal through sincerity, hard work, dedication and service to the Society.

Jai Hind!

(Prof. R. K. Dey)

Vice Chancellor (Acting)