Third Allotment list for UG/PG admission

  1. Master of Science (Life Sciences)
  2. Master of Science (Geoinformatics)
  3. Master of Science (Environmental Sciences)
  4. Master of Science (Physics)
  5. Master of Arts (Hindi)
  6. B. Ed. (Phy. Sc. & Math)
  7. B. Ed. (Social Science)
  8. B. Ed. (Language)
  9. B. Ed. (Life Science)
  10. Bachelor Of Arts (Hons) (English)
  11. LLM
  12. Master Of Arts/Science (Geography)
  13. Master Of Commerce
  14. Master Of Science(Chemistry)
  15. M. Tech. (Energy Engineering)
  16. Master Of Arts (Anthropology)
  17. Master of Arts (English)
  18. Master of Arts (Political Science with Speialization in International Relations)
  19. Master of Arts (Public Administration)
  20. MSW (Tribal Welfare and Justice)
  21. Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Chemistry)
  22. Master of Science (Mathematics)
  23. M. Tech. (Transport Science & Technology)
  24. M. Tech. (Water Engg. & Mgmt.)
  25. M. Tech. (Computer Science & Technology)
  26. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Chinese)
  27. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Korean)
  28. Master of Arts (Vocal Music)
  29. Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) (Supernumerary)
  30. Master of Science (Chemistry) (Supernumerary)
  31. Master of Arts (Mass Communication)