School of Natural Sciences
Centre for Life Sciences

Profile of Faculty

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Ph.D

Associate Professor & Head
Centre for Life Sciences

Cell: +918585916308


Plant Developmental Biology and Plant-Microbe Interaction

Role and Responsiblities  
  1. Teaching : I)Molecular Genetics and Plant Developmental Biology at Undergraduate and Post Graduate Levels II) Research Methodology at Doctorate Level
  2. Research: Principle Investigator of Internationally funded project
  3. Administrative : I) Head of Centre for Life Science, CUJ II) NSS Program Coordinator, CUJ
Academic Record  
  1. NRF-PDF (2008-2009) in Forest Molecular Genetics, University of Melbourne

  2. UP-PDF (2007-2008) in Tree Genetics, Forestry and Agriculture Institute, University of Pretoria

  3. DBT-PDF (2006-2007) in Plant Molecular Biology, National Institute of Plant Genome Research, Jawaharlal Nehru University

  4. PhD (2000-2005) in Plant Sciences from School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Bhagalpur University

  5. MSc (1997-1999) in Botany from PG Botany, Bhagalpur University

Employment Record  
  1. Associate Professor (2017 onwards): Centre for Life Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi

  2. International Academic & Research Staff (2013 to 2017): Department for Management of Science and Technology Development-DEMASTED, Ton Duc Thang University and Amity University Uttar Pradesh

  3. Assistant Professor and Domain Head (2010 to 2013): School of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University Punjab

Sponsered Research Grant  
  1. FOSTECT Grant (Code: FOSTECT.BR.20, Vietnam Govt.

  2. DRDO (INM/TC/2519/2012), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India

Research Guideship   Ph.D/M.Phil/M.Tech (Total Number of Dessertation = 9)
Research Consultancy  
  1. Research consultant (part time: 2015 to date): PhytoSciences, Kentucky, USA - Plant Tissue Culture and Green House Management
  2. Research Consultant(part time : 2009 to 2010): Disha Life Sciences Private Limited, Ahmedabad
Professional Membership  
  1. Life Member of Executive Council, Indian Society For Radiation Biology, India

  2. Editorial member, Journal of Aridland Agriculture

  3. Editorial member, Bacteriology Journal, Science Alert

  4. Life Time Membership, Indian Society for Radiation Biology (ISRB/K-29/336)

  5. Member, Editorial Board: The Horticultural Biotechnology Research

  6. Member, Editorial Board: American Journal of Current Microbiology


Editorship with International Publishers  


  1. Phytomicrobime in Stress Regulation : (edited by Dr (s) Manoj Kumar, Vivek Kumar and A.Muthusamy) 2018: Springer Science +Business Media Singapore Private Ltd., Singapore (in press)
  2. Probiotics in Agroecosystem: (edited by Dr (s) Vivek Kumar Manoj Kumar and Shivesh Sharma) 2017: Springer Science +Business Media Singapore Private Ltd., Singapore (ISBN 978-981-10-4058-0)
  3. Lychee Disease Management: (edited by Dr (s) Manoj Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Neera Bhalla Sarin and Ajit Varma) 2017: Springer Science +Business Media Singapore Private Ltd., Singapore (ISBN:978-981-10-4246-1)
  4. The Lychee Biotechnology: (edited by Dr (s) Manoj Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Ram Prasad and Ajit Varma) 2017: Springer-Verlag GmbH Heidelberg, Tiergartenstr. 15-17, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany (ISBN: 978-981-10-3644-6)
  5. Probiotics and Plant Health: (edited by Vivek Kumar, Manoj Kumar and Ram Prasad) 2017: Springer Science + Business Media Singapore Private Ltd., Singapore (ISBN: 978-981-10-3473-2)
  6. Nanotechnology: edited by Dr (s) Ram Prasad, Manoj Kumar and Vivek Kumar 2017: Springer Springer Science + Business Media Singapore Private Ltd., Singapore (ISBN 978-981-10-4573-8)
  7. Nanotechnology (Volume 2 - Food and Environmental Paradigm): edited by Dr (s) Ram Prasad, Vivek Kumar and Manoj Kumar 2017: Springer Science + Business Media Singapore Private Ltd., Singapore (ISBN 978-981-10-4678-0)
Research Article in International and National Journals (Sci index/ Scopus/ Thomas Reuters/ NAAS)   29 with > 50 impact factor
Name of Examplory Research Papers in Peer Journals  
  1. Phytoscience
  2. Journal of Soil and sediments, Springer
  3. Experimental Botany
  4. 3 Biotech, Springer
  5. Journal of Phytoremediation
  6. Springerplus
  7. Frontiers in Microbiology
Reviews   4 with > 10 impact factor
Monographs   3
Book Chapters   25