School of Languages
Department of English Studies

Profile of Faculty

Dr. Abdul Kayoom V

Assistant Professor (Temporary), Department of English Studies
Central University of Jharkhand
Cell : +91-9656504465
E-mail :

Educational Qualification:


MA (English), M.Phil (English), PhD (English)

Area of Interest:

  Crime and Detective Fiction, Literary Theory and Criticism, Linguistics

Courses Taught:

  MA English Language and Literature

Brief introduction:

  After Served in colleges affiliated to Calicut University (Kerala) from 2009 to 2011, Dr. Abdul Kayoom V finished M.Phil in 2012 and PhD in 2018 from Pondicherry University. From 5 September 2018 to 31 March 2021, He served National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU, a unit of Ministry of Education, Government of India) as Assistant Professor (TEQIP), in connection with its World Bank funded TEQIP III project. He also served as MIS (Management Information Officer) as part of TEQIP project and has undergone various training programmes at NITs and IITs, like IIT Gandinagar, NIT Kurukshetra, NIT Raipur and among others, as part of trainings of facilitating its proper implementation. He has presented research papers in various national and International conferences. There are nine research publications in journals of repute to his credit.

Administrative responsibilities (with active period)


MIS Officer (NPIU) for Vishwavidyalaya Engineering College, Lakhanpur (CSVT University, Bhilai) (2019-2020)



Collaborated with NIT Raipur in the capacity of Assistant Professor (NPIU) and NIT Raipur as the mentor institute

Articles Published:


Research publications

Articles in Journals (Published/ Accepted)

  1. Kayoom, Abdul, 2012. Women as the Most Victimized; A Feminist Perspective of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Indian Streams Research Journal. 2(6): 18-25 , ISSN 2230-7850
  2. Kayoom, Abdul, 2012 , Capitalism as a Knell To Traditional Heritage: A Study
    of Ambika Suthan Mangad’s  Marakkappile Theyyangal. Review of Research. 2 (3): 35-40, ISSN: 2249-894X
  3. Kayoom, Abdul, 2012. Globalized Socio-Cultural Milieu: Further Scope for Post-Colonial Literature. Golden Research Thoughts. 2 (6): 56-62, ISSN: 2231-5063   
  4. Kayoom, Abdul, 2013. Mystery and Solution (A Short Story). Polyphony: A Journal Of Association For Literary And Societal Interaction. 2 (1): 19-25, ISSN: 2319-6424   
  5. Kayoom, Abdul, 2013. Power Discourse and Socio-Political Agenda in
    Manipulation of Literary Theories.Literary Innovations: A Bi-Annual International Literary Journal. 2 (2): 29-36, ISSN: 2279-0128
  6.  Kayoom, Abdul, 2014. The Gender Equation in the Stereotypic Representation
    of Women. The Contour. 1(2): 38-45, ISSN: 2349-6398

Book Chapter

  1. Kayoom, Abdul, 2013. Ecological Remedy to Colonial Tragedy In Palestinian Literature. In: De-familiarizing Identities In Postcolonial Literature; Stephen Jebanesan (eds.), Chennai, pp. 1-7, ISBN: 978-81-910993-2-4
  2. Kayoom, Abdul, 2013. Crimes and Investigations with Triviality and Complexity: A Study on Vladimir Nabokov’s The Real Life of Sebastian Knight In: Themes And Theories In Contemporary Literature In English; Krishnakumar V (ed), Kayamkulam, pp. 36-44, ISBN: 978-81-927671-0-9
  3. Kayoom, Abdul, 2015. Right To Information: Challenges And Prospects In The Works of Alain Robbe Grillet In: Writing On Rights; T. Marx and Murukanandan (eds.), Bangeluru, pp. 45-52, ISBN: 978-81-910993-2-4

Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference Participation:

  1. V. Abdul Kayoom, 2012. . Paper presented in   UGC Funded National Seminar  on Recent Trends in Literary Theories organized by Department of English, University of Calicut and EMEA College Kondotty during 20-21 February 2012
  2.  V. Abdul Kayoom, 2013. . Paper presented in   UGC Funded National Seminar  on Shrinking World and Widening Chasms: Themes and Theories for the 21st Century organised by MSM College (Affiliated to University of Kerala) Kayamkulam, Kerala during 20-21 May 2013
  3. V. Abdul Kayoom, 2013. Paper presented in   UGC Funded National Seminar  on Literature and Human Rights organized by Department of English, Pondicherry University during 7-8 August 2013
  4.  V. Abdul Kayoom, 2013.Paper presented in international Seminar on Greater Connectivity and Regional Integration in South Asia  organized byUNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation, Pondicherry University, sponsored by The Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India during 14-16 February 2013
  5. V. Abdul Kayoom, 2013. Paper presented in UGC Funded international Seminar on  De-familiarizing Identity in Postcolonial Literature  organized by Madras Christian College, Chennai (Affiliated to Madras University)  during 14-16 February 2013
  6. V. Abdul Kayoom, 2013. Paper presented in international Seminar on Gender- Politics - Performing Arts organized by Department of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University  during 25-26 March 2014

Program Organized:


Organized two days TEQIP III funded national seminar on Impact of Social Engineering, Indigenous Science & Technology for Peace, Prosperity & Nation-  Building at Vishwavidyalaya Engineering College (VEC), Ambikabur, Chhattisgarh, (India) on 27-  28 September 2019 in collaboration with NIT Raipur

Any other information:

  1. Prepared the study material for the School of Distant Education, University of Calicut
    (India) on the subject/paper, Writing for the media (Core Course – VI Semester BA
    English CUCBCSS-2014 onwards)
    Please Log onto the University Link:
  2. Chaired the session on Dalit Feminism of the three-day national seminar on Dalit Space:  
    Land, Politics and Ideology organized by the Postgraduate Department of English, Govt.        
    College, Malappuram (Affiliated to University of Calicut) with the support of Department
    of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala during 12 – 14 January, 2017
  3. Participated 4-day workshop on Train the Trainers on Examination Reforms organized
    by BVB College of Engineering & Technology, Hubbalii in collaboration with
    NPIU,Government of India during 4-7 December 2020
  4. Participated in two-day Training Programme on Creativity and Innovation for
    Entrepreneurship through Science and Technology held at VEC Lakhanpur (a   
    constituent college of Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanda Technical University,Bhilai),  
    Chhattisgarh during 18 -19 August 2020
  5. Participated in TEQIP III-sponsored international conference on Digital Pedagogies by
    NPIU, Government of India in collaboration with Tertiary Education, World Bank Group
    held at AICTE Auditorium, New Delhi during 1-2 April 2019
  6. Participated in TEQIP III-sponsored Training workshop on Web-based New Academic  
    MIS for MIS Nodal Officers and Operators at NIT Kurukshetra held on 29th March 2019
  7. Participated in 5-day TEQIP III-sponsored Summer Training Program on Advanced
    Pedagogy and Digital Tool at IIT Gandhinagar held during 10-14 June 2019
  8. Qualified the training on ETNL Language Lab Software for undergraduates and
    postgraduates conducted by RGPS, info-park, Cochin, Kerala in 2018

Updated as on:

  15 August. 2021