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Centre for Water Engineering and Management

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Associate Professor and Head
Dean Students Welfare and Chief Proctor
Centre for Water Engineering and Management Central University of Jharkhand, Brambe, Ranchi, India

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Previous jobs  
  1. Assistant Professor in Soil and Water Conservation in Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Coochbehar at RRS, Majhian . Held the post of In charge of Regional Research Station, Majhian and Nodal Officer of Integrated AgroMet Advisory Services, AMFU, Majhian
  2. Jr. Hydrologist in Action for Food Production, New Delhi.
  3. Junior Project Officer in Plasticulture Development Centre, Agriculture and Food Engineering Department, IIT, Kharagpur.
Academic Qualification  
  1. Ph.D. (Soil and Water Engineering),
  2. M.Tech in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  3. B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering
Research Interest  
  1. Surface Water Hydrology
  2. Hydrological Modeling(SWAT)
  3. Soft Computing
  4. Micro Irrigation
  5. Environmental/Social Impact Assessment
Courses Taught
  1. Numerical Methods and Computation Techniques
  2. Watershed Management
  3. Groundwater Hydrology
  4. Finite Element Methods
  5. Pressurized Irrigation Systems
  1. Leading a team of Social Impact Assessment of CUJ
  2. Leading a team to evaluate the Detailed Project of Weirs/Check Dams constructed by Drinking Water and Sanitation Department, Government of Jharkhand, Ranchi
Book and Chapter Published
  1. Ajai Singh. 2012. Introduction of Drip Irrigation, N.D. Publishers, New Delhi, India
  2. Ajai Singh. 2012. Biodiesel plantations for livelihoods improvement and environmental protection.(ed) S. Chakravarty, G. Shukla, A.N.Dey. In: Tree-borne Oilseeds Species, Lambert Academy Publishing, Germany, pp: 82-96.
  3. Ajai Singh, Mohd. Imtiyaz. 2013. Hydrological modelling using process based and data driven models. Lambert Academy Publishing, Germany, pp: 269
  4. Ajai Singh, R. P. Singh, 2013. Finite Element Analysis and Optimal Design of Drip Irrigation Sub-main. Lambert Academy Publishing, Germany, pp: 82
  5. Ajai Singh.2015. Economic Returns for Drip Irrigated Tomato. In ‘Research Advances in Sustainable Micro Irrigation: Applications of Furrow and Micro Irrigation in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions. Ed. Megh R. Goyal.
  6. Ajai Singh. 2016. Water and Sustainable Development. N.D. Publishers, New Delhi, India.
  1. Conferred Distinguished Services Certificate (2012) by Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, New Delhi.
Editorial Board  
  1. Member of Editorial Board of Sustainable Agricultural Research, ISSN 1927-050X, Canadian Center of Science and Education.
  2. Member of Editorial Board of Advances in Water Resource and Protection (ISSN Print: 2327-7319)
Few Recent Publications  
  1. Singh, Ajai., M. Imtiyaz, R.K.Isaac, D.M.Denis. 2012. Comparison of soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) and multilayer perceptron (MLP) artificial neural network for predicting sediment yield in the Nagwa agricultural watershed in Jharkhand, India. Agric. Water Mgt., 104, pp.113-120
  2. Singh, Ajai., M. Imtiyaz, R.K.Isaac, D.M.Denis. 2013. Comparison of Artificial Neural Network Models for sediment yield prediction at single gauging station of watershed in Eastern India, Jr. of Hydrologic Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. 18:1, 115-120
  3. Singh, Ajai, V.K.Jain, Jayanta Dutta. 2012. Comparison of Artificial Neural Network Models and Regression Model for Prediction of Evaporation for Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh, India. International Agricultural Engineering Journal, 21(3-4), 96-104.
  4. Singh, Ajai, Sankar Saha, Sanchita Mondal. 2013. Modeling irrigated wheat production using the FAO AquaCrop Model in West Bengal, India for sustainable agriculture. Irrigation and Drainage,  62: 50–56.
  5. V. K. Jain, Ajai Singh, O. P. Soni. 2013. Performance Evaluation of Recharge Pits Method of Artificial Recharge of Ground water in Madhya Pradesh, India. Advances in Water Resources and Protection, 1 (1), 1-10.
  6. Singh, Ajai,  Mohd. Imtiyaz, R. K. Isaac, D. M. Denis. 2012. Hydrological Process Modelling using RBNN - A Neural Network Computing Technique. Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 49(2), pp. 27-32.
  7. Singh, Ajai, V. K. Jain. 2012. Modeling Daily Evaporation Using Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network Algorithm. Journal of Interacademicia, 16(3), 675-683.
  8. Singh, Ajai, M. Imtiyaz, R.K.Isaac, D.M.Denis. 2014. Assessing the performance and uncertainty analysis of Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and Radial Basis Neural Network (RBNN) models for simulation of sediment yield in Nagwa watershed, India. Hydrological Sciences,  2(59): 351-364
  9. Singh, Ajai. 2015. Modeling Stream Flow with prediction uncertainty by using SWAT hydrologic and RBNN Neural Network models for agricultural watershed in India. Natl. Acad. Sci. Lett., 39: 213
  10. Singh, Ajai. 2015. Optimization of neural network structure for radial basis function network for simulation of hydrological processes. Indian Journal of Soil Conservation, 43 (3), pp 250-254.
  11. Jha, S. and Singh Ajai. 2015. Rainfall Runoff Modeling by Artificial Neural Network - A Case Study of Chotki Bharghi Watershed in Damodar Barakar Basin, Jharkhand. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics, 4(2), pp. 69-73.
Life Membership of Professional Bodies
  1. Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers
  2. Indian Water Resources Society
  3. Indian Association of Hydrologist
  4. Indian Meteorological Society