School of Natural Resource Management
Centre for Water Engineering and Management

Profile of Faculty


Ph.D. (Soil and Water Engineering)
M. Tech in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
B. Tech in Agricultural Engineering

Associate Professor and Head
Centre for Water Engineering and Management


Previous jobs  
  1. Assistant Professor in Soil and Water Conservation in Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Coochbehar at RRS, Majhian . Held the post of In charge of Regional Research Station, Majhian and Nodal Officer of Integrated AgroMet Advisory Services, AMFU, Majhian
  2. Jr. Hydrologist in Action for Food Production, New Delhi.
  3. Junior Project Officer in Plasticulture Development Centre, Agriculture and Food Engineering Department, IIT, Kharagpur.
Projects Handled/Members of Committees  
  1. Co-Cooperating Centre Principal Investigator (Co-CCPI) in a NATP Project on Mechanization of Experimental Plots, sponsored by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.
  2. Co PI of a project on ‘Impact of climate change on Agriculture in OAZ and Tarai region of West Bengal’ funded by RKVY, Govt. of West Bengal.
  3. Co-PI of a project titled ‘Up-gradation of Market-Linkage Network for Promotion of Bengal Aromatic Rice’ funded by RKVY, Govt. of West Bengal (Lead Institute-Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal and Co-operating Institute-Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya).
  4. Co-PI of a project titled ‘Disease and pestilence warning system in the State of West Bengal’ funded by RKVY, Govt. of West Bengal.
  5. Nodal Officer, Integrated Agromet Advisory Services, IMD, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India.
  6. Handled Mega Seed Production Program funded by ICAR, New Delhi during the period of holding the office of Incharge, RRS, Majhian.
  7. Member of the Research Council of Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya since 10.02.2012 to 26.06.2013.
  8. Acted as a member of a committee within the university to prepare the Agricultural District Contingency Plan envisaged by ICAR, GOI, New Delhi for six districts under the jurisdiction of the university.
Area of Specialization  
  1. GIS and Remote Sensing application in Water Resources Development.
  2. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
  3. Watershed Management.
  4. Hydrological Modeling
  5. Micro irrigation
Research Interest  
  1. Surface water hydrology
  2. Hydrological modeling (SWAT)
  3. Artificial Neural Network
  4. Micro irrigation
Courses Taught
  1. Numerical Methods and Computation Techniques
  2. Watershed Management
  3. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  4. Modeling in Water Resources
Book and Chapter Published
  1. Ajai Singh. 2012. Introduction of Drip Irrigation, N.D. Publishers, New Delhi, India
  2. Ajai Singh. 2012. Biodiesel plantations for livelihoods improvement and environmental protection.(ed) S. Chakravarty, G. Shukla, A.N.Dey. In: Tree-borne Oilseeds Species, Lambert Academy Publishing, Germany, pp: 82-96.
  3. Ajai Singh, Mohd. Imtiyaz. 2013. Hydrological modelling using process based and data driven models. Lambert Academy Publishing, Germany, pp: 269
  4. Ajai Singh, R. P. Singh, 2013. Finite Element Analysis and Optimal Design of Drip Irrigation Sub-main. Lambert Academy Publishing, Germany, pp: 82
Leaflet/Booklet Published
  1. Ajai Singh, Ray, A. K., 2004. Rain Water Harvesting in North Bengal. Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Pundibari, Coocbehar
List of Popular Article
  1. T. K. Das, Singh Ajai. 2007. Prak Kharif Mausame Bhuttar Chas. Annadata Krishi Masik Patrika, Hyderabad. February, P 53-55
  1. Conferred Distinguished Services Certificate (2012) by Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, New Delhi.
Editorial Board
  1. Member of Editorial Board of Sustainable Agricultural Research, ISSN 1927-050X, Canadian Center of Science and Education
  2. Member of Editorial Board of Advances in Water Resource and Protection (ISSN Print: 2327-7319)
International Publications (published)(Journals)
  1. Singh Ajai , R.P.Singh, P.S.Mahar and K.K.Singh. 2000. Optimal design of tapered microirrigation submain manifolds. American Society of Civil Engineers, Jr. of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 126(6), pp. 371-374.
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National Publications (published)(Journals)
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Papers in conference proceedings
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Papers presented in conferences but not published
  1. Tiwari, K. N., Ajai Singh and P.K.Mal. 2001. Design and development of low cost filter system. XXXV
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Life Membership of Professional Bodies
  1. Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers
  2. Indian Water Resources Society
  3. Indian Association of Hydrologist
  4. Indian Meteorological Society
  5. Crop and Weed Science Society