Members of Building Committee

Name of the Members Position

Prof. Nand Kumar Yadav ’Indu’ —

Vice Chancellor


A representative of the Planning Board


A representative of User Department

  1. Prof. Manoj Kumar, Dean, Academic Affairs, CUJ
  2. Dr. Manoj Kumar, Asso. Prof & Dean, Student Welfare

Two Professors/Associate Professors of the University nominated by the Vice Chancellor

Finance Officer, CUJ

Finance Officer of the University

Prof. Gopal Pathak, Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering & Environmental Science, BIT Mesra, Ranchi,
Vice Chancellor, Jharkhand Technical University, Ranchi.

Principal of the Engineering College of the University or Head of Civil Engineering Department (where it exits), otherwise a person of equal status from a neighboring University/College.


Chief Engineer (Civil) of CPWD of or State
PWD or his representative not below the rank of Superintendent Engineer

Sri    Subhash     Rai,   Retd.    Chief
Manager      (Civil), CMPDIL, Ranchi.

A   retired    Chief Engineer/Superintending
Engineer (Civil) of CPWD of or State PWD/ Public Sector Undertaking.

Sri     Agam     Prasad,      Electrical Superintending          Engineer,
Energ Dept. Govt. of Jharkhand.

Superintending/Executive Engineer
(Electrical) of CPWD of or State PWD



Superintending/Executive Engineer
(Public Health) of CPWD of or State PWD

Er. Mukesh Kumar, Executive Engineer (I/C), CUJ

University Engineer

Dr. Satyaki Sarkar, Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture and Engineering, BIT Mesra,Ranchi

Senior most Architect of  the University (where it exists), otherwise a Chief Architect or Person of equal status from Central or State Department



Chief Architect/Deputy Chief Architect or person of equivalent status from a Central or State Department



Senior most Landscaping Expert of the University(where it exists), otherwise from some neighboring Institution/Government Department/ Public Sector Undertaking or to be hired as a consultant by the University for a limited period .

Sri A. K. Jain, Retd. Spl. DG ,CPWD

Permanent Invitee

Registrar, CUJ, Member Secretary

Registrar of the University ,Member Secretary